Industry Diary Dates

Pool and Spa Industry Diary Dates 2018/2019

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21st – 22nd November SIPAC International Pro Trade Fair for Camp Site Equipment & Outdoor Padova Fiere, Italy
22nd November ISPE One Day Seminar

SPATA Regional Seminar (North & Midlands)



27th – 28th November Convegno D’autunno (professione Acqua) Italy
28th November ISPE Council Meeting Nr Hemel Hempstead
3rd December

4th December

PWTAG Meeting

PWTAG Annual Conference



5th December SPATA Regional Seminar (East Anglia) Maldon, Essex
6th December SPATA Regional Seminar (Thames Valley) Newbury
6th December SPATEX Board Meeting Andover
8th – 16th December Salon Piscine & Spa Paris, France
11th December Liner Course Andover
11th December SPATA Regional Webinar (online) WebEx
13th December Dangerous Goods Course Andover
18th – 19th December TC 136 WG16 Public Spas Meeting Gothenberg
9th January PWTAG Industry Forum Fazeley
24th January Swimming Advisory Group Loughborough
29th – 31st January SPATEX Coventry
13th – 15th February Forumpiscine 2019 Bologna Italy
26th February Sauna & Steam Course Barnstaple
26th Feb – 1st March Technova-Piscinas Madrid, Spain
28th February BISHTA Committee WebEx
5th March SPATA National Council Andover
5th March BSPF Board Andover
7th – 8th March EUSA Meeting Gothenberg
12th March SPATA Technical Committee Andover
12th – 13th March TC 136 WG8 Swimming Pools Meeting Paris
18th March ISPE Exams Nr Hemel Hemstead
19th – 22nd March International Pool & Spa Conference Marseille
26th March PIP Committee Andover
27th March ISPE Council Meeting Nr Hemel Hemstead
28th March ISPE Seminar Nr Hemel Hemstead
29th – 30th March BSW Infotage Dusseldorf, Germany
11th April BISHTA Tutors Meeting Andover
9th – 11th May Asia Pool & Spa Expo China Import & Export Fair Complex
23rd May SPATA National Council WebEx
26th June PIP Committee WebEx
11th September TC 402 Meeting TBC
13th – 15th September BSPF Presidents Weekend Brighton
26th – 27th September EUSA Meeting Gothenberg
8th October BISHTA Tutors Meeting Andover
15th – 18th October Piscina & Wellness Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
5th – 7th November International Pool Spa Patio Show New Orleans
5th – 8th November Aquanale Cologne, Germany
12th November SPATA Technical Committee WebEx
16th November Past Presidents Dinner TBC

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