About Us

The BSPF was formed in 1999 and members include BISHTA, SPATA, SPATEX, PIP and also the STA. The STA are the world’s largest swim teaching and lifesaving organisation.

The BSPF is managed by a Board made up of representatives from BISHTA, SPATA, SPATEX, PIP and the current president is Alex Kemsley. Details of the BSPF staff that work in Andover can be viewed here.

Need a meeting room in Andover?
The office in Andover has an excellent meeting room, complete with AV equipment and it is suitable for up to 16 people Board room style, or 50 people theatre style. Competitive rates are available on request. For more information, please contact us on 01264 356210.

President’s Weekend
Each year, a new President is confirmed and they host a weekend where the whole industry is invited to attend. Costs will vary depending on the type of weekend event being organised. Details about the next event in 2017, will be promoted early next year.

The BSPF currently organises the administration for EUSA (the European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations). There are currently twelve members of EUSA, each one a National Pool and / or Spa Association in Europe. The EUSA President is Philippe Bach. Meetings are typically held twice per year.